Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

I find it extremely ironic that my last post was titled "no rainy day blues here", so decided to play off this irony for the title of this new post. I indeed do have a bit of the blues today, not meaning to sound too cheesy, and of course it is raining. Successful pun, I think so.  

I was supposed to get a phone call from the PT Office job today, and in preparing for this, kept my phone on and by me at all times. Well this was the first disappointment of the day, I never got the call. It's upsetting when you are expecting something and it never comes, good or bad news didn't matter as much as the continual "not knowing". 

I regularly take Zumba class at my gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's my favorite class! The instructor is FANTASTIC and the class is basically just dancing (which I LOVE). Second disappointment of the day, the class was too full and I couldn't get in. Complete let down. The one thing I look forward to every Wednesday is that Zumba class....and wouldn't you know the one day I REALLY needed it, I couldn't get it.'s my one activity of the day that actually allows or a release of my pent up energy. 

As you all, I'm sure, know I am currently a week and a half in on my MCAT studying. It's going okay so far, as well as can be expected, and I'm fairly on schedule. But today, of all days, proved a very challenging and frustrating day in chemistry review. UGH. Third disappointment of the day. 

And as a topper to this very inspiring day, I get home from NOT taking my Zumba class and find I have an e-mail from the job I interviewed for, informing me that I did not receive the position. I just can't catch a break today. They explained to me that they went with a candidate who can set up a website for their business and has more bookkeeping/office/whatever skills needed to manage their front desk. Last (hopefully) disappointment of the day. 

Now I feel a bit deflated and slightly down in the dumps, hoping for a much better day tomorrow. My bank account is also hoping for some more interviews because, as surprising as it sounds, money isn't magically appearing in my bank account. Something about taking money out and not putting money back in....who knew. So I hope everyone else reading this had a better day than me, and more interesting for that matter. 

Gonna go sulk now.


  1. Totally made me this of this:

  2. Liz! We'll make up for this gloomy day when I get there...zumba fun, frolicking in the rain, finding cute shops to poke our heads into, AND of course dance dance dance!