Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No rainy day blues here...

Today I am having a fairly fun, and (surprisingly) successful day. Yesterday was a bit boring and I became slightly frustrated that I was getting no where in the job front or the new friends front, but then right before I went to phone rang. And not only did it ring, but it didn't ring from anyone in my immediate family (I usually only get calls from my mom and/or sister), but it came up as a Portland area code!!! I was ecstatic. I was downstairs in my room when I got the call, and immediately bolted up the stairs, nearly falling on my face on the way up. You see, I don't get phone reception in my downstairs room, which is highly inconvenient for me if  I actually want to HEAR people when they talk. So I ran upstairs and answered the phone sounding slightly winded, but guess what??? It was from a company in Portland that I applied to a week or so earlier...YEA. 

So that was that, I set up my FIRST job interview, and met with him today. That is where my great day began. The company that I applied to is a local Physical Therapist's office located in an up in coming, half industrial/half Portlandia chic, neighborhood. They are looking for someone who wanted part-time work (me), possibly shifting eventually into full-time (that's me), who was not a long-term "career" receptionist (that's me), who had an interest in medicine (that's me), and who has a witty/sarcastic sense of humor who can fit in with their staff and get along with customers (that's DEFINITELY me, sarcasm runs in my blood...ask anyone). It's a laid back atmosphere with only 3 staff members, specializing mostly in sports therapy and athletes. I'm really excited about this job, but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. At least not before I hear back about coming in for a second interview with the head PT, who btw just had a baby and is currently on maternity leave. So keep your fingers crossed. I'm hopeful but still have a few steps to go before I get the gig. 

After the short, 30 minute, interview Maddie and I headed to a local bakery just a few blocks down the road. And guess was ENTIRELY VEGAN!!! Score. And man were those pastries delicious. As a bonus I was helped by a very friendly woman at the register who had a predominant mustache and was in danger of exposing herself at any moment. That's Portland. Take it with a smile and accept it. "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore..." 

Not only was the food tasty, but they also had Stump Town Coffee (which is a strictly Portland brand of heavenly smooth coffee, sold strictly in Portland and surrounding areas). And as I told my cousin, I think I have had more coffee since I moved here than I have in the last 5 years combined. I'm afraid my Portland is showing. After our lovely stop at the bakery, we headed over to have lunch with my Aunt. She also showed me around her office, so I got to take a look inside "corporate America". Not for me. Too quiet. And lots of people in little cubicles. I need a little chaos/noise. Maybe that's just a product of my environmental influences. Loud family, loud house, loud sport, loud job...or maybe because of all that noise in my developing years I have a deadened sense of "appropriate noise levels". Either way, it's not for me. Good thing I want a job that involves LOTS of noise and chaos :)

A stop off at Vancouver's brand new, amazing, fancy library to acquire me a library card, and now I' back home, waiting with to go to our 3:15 showing of The Hunger Games. In fact, I need to go get my stuff together, so I'm gonna pause this post here and return later. <Pause>

Okay back. The Hunger Games was GREAT. Then we went to Zumba, and that was GREAT too. Great day overall. Tomorrow is my hospital orientation. I'm gonna sign off now and fold my laundry then head to bed. Goodnight all. Hope you days are also GREAT. 

OH, almost forgot. Monday Maddie and I went up to Timberline Ski Resort and had a snowboard(me)/ski(Mad) day. Weather was perfect and although the forecast said rain, it ended up being sunny the entire day. Good thing too, cause this Cali girl is NOT down for rain skiing. That's just plain unnatural...

Sweat Pea vegan bakery.  Aka: the reason I will become fat, especially since it is in close proximity to my potential job site. 

Vegan treateries! 

Maddie making a strawberry and rhubarb pie. Yum, and SO not dairy-free. Oh well, tis the price I must pay...



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  1. Sounds like you had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad day... This Cali girl is JEALOUS, and wants a beer and that vegan chocolate frosted brownie thing that you took a picture of... soon my friend.