Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have a dresser!

It has been over a week and I now have my room almost completely unpacked. I got my dresser yesterday, and moved my excess clothes into it, which made me realize just how many workout t-shirts and pants I actually have. I guess working at a gym for 8+ years will do that to you. I'm still in search of a bookcase for all of my school books I brought with me (insert nerd joke here), but I have hope that a lucky Goodwill run will fix that problem.

On to more interesting things...Maddie (the cousin) and I went to a concert in downtown Portland on Thursday night. It was at the Crystal Ballroom, which is an amazingly unique, fun, and all together awesome venue that entirely fits Portland's hip/off beat/one of a kind vibe. I was hesitant to go at first only because I had never heard of the band, and the tickets were $35. But I was going a bit stir crazy and needed a night out of the house, so I agreed to accompany Maddie and a few of her friends after all. It completely blew me out of the water...the band put on a fantastic live show, complete with screaming fans, fancy lighting, and a stellar sound. It was a great night. Portland did not let me down.

The Crystal Ballroom featuring Needtoreathe on stage.

Opening song. I hope it plays....

No news on the job front. I applied to a vintage store downtown that was looking to hire, so we shall see. I love the store (and proceeded to spend $50 there after I handed in my application, oops), so why not right. 

On another note, it snowed today. AGAIN! 2 snow days in a week, definitely a first for me. Today's weather consisted of an overcast cloudy sky in the morning, followed by a light dusting of snow for a few minutes, then a light rain, then clear skies, then heavy rain, and now it is clear again. I am not feeling this ADD weather. It's so unpredictable. But on the bright side, all of this rain and sun combo does provide for some beautiful rainbows! 

I will end with a random assortment of pictures taken with my iPhone. 

Maddie's Hotel she works at. Very chic and fancy. 

Spent one after noon browsing at Powell's Books in Portland, and ended with a latte and vegan brownie.  Four books for $20, I loved used book options! 


Maddie's "St. Patrick's Day" tacos. Basically we just added green dye to the tortillas. A bit un-festive, but delicious so who's gonna complain...

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