Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Week in WA

So I guess this will be my first post, well first from Washington. I created this blog as a way to communicate and keep my family and friends at home up to date on my progress in my semester abroad in London. I abandoned it after returning on the sole justification that now my life was boring again, along with the fact that I simply had nothing to post/write on. But, after a conversation today with one of my best buddies, I was convinced to once again pick up my metaphorical pencil and begin again. As my friend put it, it allows me to keep my writing skills acute and fine tuned while out of the "paper writing" days of my college career. Plus she said she would read this one is dedicated to you my friend!

It is true that I have now exited a very important, and somewhat simpler, time in my life and have entered the realm of "real life", as we called it back in college. Although it hardly feels that way, seeing as I am completely jobless and broke. BUT I am working on those tiny details. The truth is, it hardly feels like real life, more like a hiatus. A hiatus from school. I hope to peruse a career in the medical field, more specifically MD, and am taking this lapse in school as a time to develop and strengthen my Med School resume and MCAT scores. For this purpose a part time mindless job and hospital volunteer position will suit me fine as I attempt to relearn a vast majority of material I learned in my college days in order to take a grueling 5 hour, intense, mentally crushing test known as the MCATs :)

Progress so far: I have been in Washington 3 days (I don't count the weekend), and I have achieved a somewhat satisfactory amount of "to do list" tasks. I have unpacked 50% of my stuff into my new room. The rest will come after I get my dresser. Honestly I don't spend a lot of time in there, not when my Aunt and Uncle have such a big house with a REALLY big T.V., and my cousins to spend time with and chat. I have applied to one job. YEA! ONE JOB. It would be fantastic if I could just get that job, then I wouldn't have to worry about more boring applications. It is a position as a server for a fancy hotel in downtown Portland, my cousin works at their hotels so hopefully she can talk me up. Keep your fingers crossed. And lastly I have received, filled out, and submitted an application for a volunteer position at a hospital. I have an orientation meeting next Thursday, and then hopefully I get the gig. Three cheers for unpaid volunteer positions!!!

Also, I had my first snowfall! It snowed here at our house yesterday and it was pretty exciting! And to think that just a mere 6 days ago I was basking in the sunshine and 75 degree weather in Cail...seems so long ago. Sigh.

Signing off for today. Enjoy the sunshine for me.


  1. You should know that it is rainy and ugly here too. Probably in your honor. BUT we have kale and quinoa!!! Miss you lots!


  2. I support this blog reinstatement (stamps officially on the computer screen).