Friday, December 16, 2011

London Eye and British Museum

I think this will be the last blog before I come home...I know crazy. On Tuesday evening we had our last USAC sponsored event, we had dinner at a nice restaurant then took a ride on the London Eye. Both were free (well, kinda...the fees were included in our total cost paid), and we all know how much broke college students love a free meal. The London Eye was really cool, especially at night because you can see the whole city all lit up and pretty. It was a fun night.

All the empty tables before dinner, there were 70 people there total!!!

The London Eye

These were the carts where we rode. 

Views of London from the Eye. 

On Wednesday morning me and a friend went to the British Museum, it was always somewhere I wanted to go so had to get it in before we left. The Museum is SOOOOO huge, we didn't have time to get through everything but we stopped at the highlights. 


You can see the Scan next to the body, pretty cool. They used them to tell what age the people where inside and what kind of health conditions they had, if any. 

The Ancient Egyptians eve mummified cats and other animals. 

Ancient Greece!

Took a picture of this one for Andrea....Greek Dancing :)

Rosetta Stone

Most of the fun adventures are over and everyone is packing and getting ready to go. Most of my friends leave tomorrow (Saturday), so we are all busy with getting ready. For lunch today we went out to a pub for one last fish and chips with a beer, and I did my last shopping at TopShop today, I'm really gonna miss that store. Tonight we are all going to a local bar/pub for goodbye drinks. I don't leave till Sunday so tomorrow me and a friend are going to go to Camden Markets one last time and Brick Lane, which is famous for its vintage shops and Indian Food. I still can't believe my time here is over! I go through such drastic emotions these days, one day I will be really excited for Christmas at home and seeing everyone, then the next day I will be really sad about leaving London. Guess it's a bit of both. The weather is getting much colder here (not used to that), and it even snowed this morning! Only a little bit and it melted as soon as it got to the ground. Still, it's better than nothing. Thank you everyone that has read and kept up with my blog, hope you enjoyed it. Merry Christmas and see all of you soon. 

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