Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend Fun!

Now even though I didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving, I did get most of the normal food. My housing complex served a Thanksgiving meal for 5 pounds, so after I got out of class me and my friends went over to the cafe for food. Now, I was going to take pictures but we had to wait in line for 30 minutes plus I hadn't eaten lunch so I forgot in my hunger haze. But I did get the pictures from our dessert (which we bought at our local Tesco's). The pies were 1 pound each and we got a pumpkin and an apple, plus ice cream and cider. Oh and a Christmas classic...Christmas Vacation! The pies were no where near Donna Baker Matson status, but they did the job adequately. And we did our Thanksgiving duty, got full beyond belief. It was definitely a little sad not being home for Thanksgiving with all of my favorite food; I don't know if I was more upset about the people or food...just kidding. Food wins.  

On Friday we ventured over to the Tower Bridge. I have been to the Tower of London for the tour and touring the Crowned Jewels, but I had never walked across the actual bridge. So off we went. 

It was a good, relaxing weekend. OH, and the biggest news of all...on Wednesday night we went ice skating at the Winter Wonderful Festival in Hyde Park (SOOOO fun), and as we were leaving we saw.....RIHANNA. Yes, THE Rihanna, it was quite exciting. She was surrounded by photographers but we got a look. Planning a trip to Bath/Stonehenge on Saturday, should be fun. Alright everyone countdown is on: 21 days, exactly 3 weeks till I'm home. 

Oh I almost forgot, on Saturday night I went to see the musical Les Miserables again. I saw it once in October and fell IN LOVE (thanks to the wonderful suggestion of Andrea Mayer), and wanted to see it once more before I left. Especially since the lead character Jean Valjean, played by the AMAZING Alfie Boe, was only performing till November 26th. He is/was/always will be FANTASTIC, and completely made the role. But the whole thing is amazing, and I loved all the characters and their beautiful voices. So I was there for his final performance on Saturday November 26 and it was completely magical. The entire audience was pumped up and cheering like crazy. He got 3 standing ovations from the entire audience during the performance. He has some hard core fans! It was a great night and I wish my Les Mis buddy could have been there with me but alas...

Alfie Boe :)

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