Monday, November 21, 2011

Munich, Germany

Alright, so Germany this weekend. This was quite a traveling experience (the actual traveling part, not the Munich part). We almost missed our flight on the way there because the tube line had broken down on one of the stops! Ah! But...we made it. Barely. 2 hour flight to Munich and we were there. Ate traditional German wiener schnitzel the first night, really good! Hostel was really cool, really hip and modern. Meet some really cool people from around Europe. Saturday morning we went on the free tour that left from our hostel and had a really good tour guide. Took us all round Munich (walking, my feet were killing me!), and told us all about Munich's history, food, culture, and Hitler history. Munich is very conservative, safe, wealthy, and VERY Catholic. Berlin is the younger, more hip (but also much more unsafe) part of Germany. We got bratwurst with a beer for our lunch stop on the tour and it was also delicious!

Sunday, was a bit of a boring day. Our flight didn't leave until 7pm and apparently everything closes on Sunday's in Munich. There was one ice skating rink open in the center of downtown so we went there and got food for lunch. Bratwurst's cheap (5 Euros) and so good...why not eat it again. We arrived at the airport really early on Sunday because we plain ran out of stuff to do, with all the stores closed and checked out of our hostel and all. So we went to some outdoor Christmas markets at the airport for a while then headed to our gate. We were just sitting around, talking and goofing off when my friend read out tickets and realized the receptionist put us on the earlier flight...without telling us! So we ran to our gate and were one of last to get on the flight!!! I told you, quite a traveling experience. And none our fault :)

Overall I liked Germany, but found it a bit dull compared to our other trips. Not one of my favorite but glad I go the chance to experience it. Still prefer Dublin...can't wait to go back!

Oh yea, and it was SOOOOOOO cold. So cold.

That's the hostel. My bed is the top bunk. 

The "famous" boar that made an appearance in Harry Potter!

Olympics 1972 memorial

Germany at its best! 

Now the climb up to the top of this viewpoint tower was impossibly long!!! Must have been at least 15 stories up...

That's Munich, in a nutshell. Not the most exciting but pretty and very historical. Got a few weeks off now from traveling (2 to be exact), but we still have stuff planned (ice skating!) so I'm sure I will have more photos and stories soon. Here are a few more random photos from the past week or so...


The Wicked set...sneaked a pic. 

The Lion King was FANTASTIC. So amazing. 

London at night. My camera has a horrible night setting. 

This is the Poland group (two weekends away), plus one more and myself. Gonna be FREEZING. Good times :) 
Goodbye all and have a great Thanksgiving. I have class till 5 that

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