Monday, November 14, 2011

Dublin, A second time...

So we all saw my personal pictures from Dublin...but now I'm going to post pictures that my friend Hailee took. Now we are both novices when it comes to photography (actually I took photography in high school!), but she has an amazing camera that is MUCH more expensive and nice than my little digital. I love my camera, but just check out these photos and how much better quality they are then mine. It's amazing. Didn't want to post these with mine because mine are lame in comparison. Dad, we need one of these!


Playing around on the streets of Dublin. 

Playing around in the hostel. 

Tehy didn't believe I could do a handstand against the wall! Psh...easy. 
We were REALLY sick of pictures. 

Saw the cutest puppy on our walk (not cuter than Jasper, of COURSE). 
My favorite picture, used in as my computer background. Sorry dad your picture was bumped off....

That's them. Beautiful right!

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