Sunday, November 13, 2011

The land of green!!! Dublin, Ireland.

Just got back from Dublin this morning and it was FANTASTIC. My favorite place I have traveled to so far, besides London. It was such a change of pace to stay in Dublin verses London. Dublin is a big city with a small town feel. The people are friendlier, the food is home cooked and hearty deliciousness, the cars are calmer, and there is beautiful country land only a few miles outside Dublin. Dublin is a more relaxed version of London, where the people are nice and the beer flows freely. Unfortunately due to school and the cheapest flights available, I was only in Dublin for Friday night, all day Saturday, and flight on early Sunday morning. On Friday night we settled into our hostel (all 6 of us in one tiny room with 3 sets of bunk beds) and ate dinner at a traditional Irish Pub, then went out fro drinks at a local bar. They had live bands in almost all the pubs/bars around, so we had great local Irish music and bands playing all night. It was a blast. Then Saturday we got up early for our 8 hour bus tour around the Irish countryside. We had a hilarious, although semi-crazy, bus tour guide and he definitely made the tour interesting. We stopped at several picturesque locations for photo ops and even did a short hike down to the High Lake. Overall, Ireland is about the beautiful place I have ever been, and I can't wait to go back!

Oh, and I took a TON of photos. So here we go...

At the Heathrow Airport waiting to board. Feel like a real world travelers with my North Face jacket and backpack. Great way to travel...light and easy. 
First glimpse of Dublin from the plane. 

First night in Dublin at the famous Temple Bar area. Great live music, pubs, and bars everywhere. 

Hailee, me, and Becca. 

My delicious food!!! They served mashed potatoes with everything and it is so good. 


I got so excited when I saw this out the window of our's the closest I have ever seen to our last name! 

First stop of the day on the Dublin Peninsula. 

Our tour company, good times on that bus. 

Van Morrison's house!!!!!
Second stop. Great picture location overlooking the Irish Valley. Really cold. 

That's all of us!

Third stop for lunch. 

Last stop. Ancient church ruins and graveyard. Eerily beautiful. 

This tower was the inspiration for the story Rapunzel. 

Found my name. Kinda creepy. 

This is the start of our hike down to Upper Lake. 

Told you it was a lot of photos. Everything I saw was just so pretty, I wanted to capture it all. A lot more landscape and scenery than people, but why take pictures of anything else with views like that! I felt like my dad taking a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures...

 Hope you enjoyed. Germany next weekend! 

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