Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor Castle

Had BOATLOADS of fun on Saturday, taking a bit of an adventure outside of London. It was a nice change of pace getting to see the English countryside a bit. Really beautiful. So we were just going to do the Bath & Stonehenge tour, BUT we got a call on Friday after noon while walking around downtown London, near Parliament and Big Ben, and unfortunately our tour got cancelled. Apparently we were the ONLY ones booked for the tour. Everything worked out though because they offered us a free upgrade to Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor castle. Score! So we left at 8:30 am on Saturday and began our tour. We started at Windsor Castle, which was only about an hour outside London...

We also got to go into the state rooms, which were incredible because Windsor Castle is a current residing place of the Queen and so it is often occupied with all sorts of important people (I know, even MORE important than me. It happens). Seeing all the beautifully ornate rooms just reminds me just how much I belong in a castle. 

Okay, so next stop was Stonehenge. In some of the pictures you might notice some strangely dressed people near the stones, they are Druids. They are the only ones allowed past the ropes near the stones because they are they for religious purposes, as Stonehenge has been a place of worship for them for centuries. Druids worship the elements and played an important role in British history. Overall pretty cool, quite incredible how they hauled those massive stones over hundreds of miles and stalked them to align so precisely with the summer and winter solstice. 

Yes, my eyes are closed. Well done Liz. 

On to Bath, the ancient Roman city. It is a beautiful little city situated about 100 km outside London. It was incredible seeing such perfectly preserved architecture from the ancient Roman times. 

The Cathedral outside the Roman Baths.

Well that's it, that was our Saturday festivities. Also on note, I have officially 2 WEEKS till I return home. It is all coming along much too quickly. AHHHHHH!!! I'm off. 


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