Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Westminster Abby Walk

This past Tuesday my friends Charlie and Becca, and I decided to spend our afternoon after classes exploring more central London near Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace. It was a great day (finally some more normal London weather=cloudy and periodic light raining), and we were able to see some beautiful historic buildings. Overall a wonderful afternoon!

Charlie is much better at reading maps than I am :)

Found a Methodist Church! I took this one for you grandma and grandpa. 

Random house in the middle of the park, it was so pretty and unexpected I had to take a picture. 

I'm up there on the top with my arms up. 

The National Gallery. We will be there next Tuesday for our first museum field trip for my Art in London class. 

Becca and Charlie at M&M World!!!

And later that night when my friends and I headed out on the town to one of our favorite local pubs. Plus they have drink specials on Tuesdays, SCORE! 

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