Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Adventures

So this weekend had been an extremely jammed packed and exciting few days. We have been done with orientation since Friday, so we have all basically had a three day weekend. Today we made a trip to Harrods and Hard Rock Cafe. Harrods was beautiful and so fun. Of course everything is very nice there and I wish I could spend my entire bank account there, but I still have two and half months to go! Gonna have to just stick with my 7 pound key chain for now :) But we definitely want to go back closer to Christmas time with all the decorations and's going to be beautiful! The Hard Rock Cafe was a ton of fun, and it was the original one. So glad we went, the food was really good too. The good thing about walking everywhere in London is that you get to see all the beautiful architecture and history, while also finding wonderful little shops and stores. It is truly the best way to get to know the city! The downside is that by the end of the day we are completely WIPED. I think I have blisters on every single toe! A little power nap in the late afternoons though, and I'm good to go out to the bars by night time. Another great thing about being in a big city...there is always something going on or someone going out. And going out to the local pubs around us is the best way to meet local Londoners. Since tomorrow is my first day of school, I guess I better get my stuff together and head to bed. Further updates will be coming shortly on the London school system. Night everyone!

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