Saturday, October 8, 2011


So today I had a very interesting and historical day with our family friend Roger. He took me and my friend Becca to the town of Canterbury located in the district of Kent, about an hour outside of London. Canterbury was the location of Thomas Becket's murder and is well known from them on as a frequent pilgrimage for Christians throughout history.  Our friend Roger was a student at the Canterbury school and knew all about the history of the town and the buildings. Canterbury is also well known for Chaucer's classic, The Canterbury Tales (which thanks to Mr. Huth in high school, I read and dissected for over a month!). The Canterbury Cathedral was breath-taking and the whole grounds was dripping with historical architecture and beauty. Definitely a change from London. Not to mention that the entire campus reminded me of Hogwarts! With the children in uniforms, and the different houses the children live in, and the elaborate and massive buildings...I'm telling you, Howarts!!!

This is the house where Roger used to live. We got special parking on the grounds because he used to attend school here. Very hard to get in, and very exclusive (not to mention expensive). Roger said that in US dollars, one years tuition is $50,000. London doesn't seem so bad now, huh mom!

Children were walking around everywhere in their uniforms going to classes. Yes, they even attend school on Saturdays! I felt in the way everywhere we went, like I was intruding. 


Don't let the cane fool you, Roger doesn't let anything stand in his way. 

Tell me this doesn't remind you of Hogwarts!!!

This is the end of the pilgrimage for travelers. 

The graveyard. Roger informs us you must be very high up in ranks to be buried here. 

Inside the Cathedral. We got evacuated out part way through for safety reasons, but we got the gist of it. 

Resemblance to Dumbledore's podium...???

The Cathedral from the outside. It's massive!

The end of the day, back in the car and back to the crazy London drivers. They really are a special breed of crazy person. You must be half insane to drive a car in London. Becca and I almost got ran over the day before...I think they take special pleasure at making two innocent young tourists scream in the middle of the street...I will try to come back alive :)


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