Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ice Bar

Last night a group of us from Study Abroad went to the Ice Bar-London. It is a bar LITERALLY made entirely of ice (except the floors, we would be slipping all over the place). You are only allowed in for 40 minutes because it is a heath hazard, since it is so cold in the bar. By the end of the 40 minutes we were definitely ready to go to warmer temperatures...our hands and feet were freezing! They did give us blue jackets with hoods, and gloves to help keep us slightly warmer. It was a really fun experience and worth the 12 pounds (including a free drink).

Aren't the coats stylish :)

Study Abroad group of lovely ladies. 

Me and Becca. 

Even the cups that are drinks were in were made of ice!!!

A really fun experience overall, there is apparently one in Las Vegas too, so if you get a chance GO!

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