Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bootless Dancing

I haven't had a post in just under a year...then I read a random blog of a friends and it made me want to resurrect my ramblings. That probably no one reads, except my grandma. She of course reads everything I write. I pose it as a comical fact, but it is indeed true that my grandmother texts me more than my brother and sister combined. Love you grandma, even though you hate my nose piercing :)

So I only have a few random thoughts for tonight, after all I have to start out slow. My writing skills are a bit rusty and I think I'll leave the deeper issues for a more practical hour, other than 11:00 pm.

First random thought: Dancing

I love dancing. I love it. I like to think I'm in my natural habitat while I dance. It allows a freedom that I can't get doing most other things. I did a big taboo act that Friday and ditched my moon boot (that's another story), for a spectacular night of Madonna, Michael Jackson, big hair, and "girls just wanna have fun". It was spectacular. Even though the night in general was filled with some unusual disappointments and surprises, overall I consider any night where I get to "shake what my mama gave me", a good night. So hooray for the free and natural expression of movement and rhythm through our amazing bodies.

Second random thought: The Lumineers

I'm completely obsessed with The Lumineers. Maybe it's the gloomy Portland weather, or their down to earth and simple, yet also powerful, lyrics...but I'm hooked. Just listen to them. I am especially endeared by the song "Classy Girls", because at the moment, I have had a few less than shinning "Classy moments". The song reminds me what I aim to be, and how I aim to be treated. I mean I'm no Audrey Hepburn (sigh*), but maybe I could just channel a bit of her effervescent and delicately charming aura. No more drinking straight out of juice cartons Liz! I refuse to give up beer in bed though...that's a deal breaker.

Third random thought: I love brunch

I am meeting my lovely ladies tomorrow for a delightful homemade brunch. I am getting sleepy (damn the beers in bed!), so for now I will leave it at this. But mark my words, there will be an entire post one of these days dedicated solely to my favorite past-time: brunch. I know, what am exciting life I lead...

Adios for now. Cheers readers.

Liz (Lizzy, Lizzard, Lizzers, Lemon, Lizbee, Liza, and all my other nicknames...)

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