Monday, April 15, 2013

Mending Along

Hello folks. Here I am, on the other side of surgery. I made it out alive. Compared to the last surgery this one was child's play, and I was up and feeling (relatively) good two days out. Wahoo! Unfortunately, I am still in the cast and unable to walk, so for now I'm on crutches. Looks like no Ultimate Frisbee for Liz...oh wait, what? What's that you say??? I recall my pervious statement, it seems that a mere 4 days after surgery, Liz was spotted back in action at her teams frisbee practice. Incredible...

Okay so maybe it wasn't that dramatic, and mostly included me on my knees the entire practice throwing the frisbee short distances, but I was there. And I did very little sitting too; I have the disgustingly dirty knees of my pants to prove it. It was great fun and I always love practicing and hanging out with my frisbee fam. Hopefully next week I will get my walking cast on, then I'll be unstoppable :)

Also, thank you all for your thoughts and concerns for me on surgery day. I was flooded with love (aka text messages) from friends and family, near and afar. I had several visitors on Wednesday too checking up on me, which was lovely but my meds made me dizzy and sleepy, so I probably wan't great company. So thank you Portland family for the support, and thank you California family for staying away (but put in a nicer, more diplomatic way) and supporting me from afar. Both were appreciated, and I'm now on the mend.

So adios, for now, and hopefully talk to you soon (unless you're my brother, who NEVER calls me) :p

Liz (gimp-along is the newest nickname)

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