Sunday, October 30, 2011

Misc. Fun

So this post is going to be a bit random with a bit of stuff from here and there. No trips this weekend, so just been doing some tourist stuff and trying to get some hw done (yes I actually do SOME homework while I'm here).

These pics are from the changing of the guard we went to on Friday afternoon. Couldn't see much inside Buckingham Palace, but got a good view of the street. It was crazy crowded and kinda boring, but now I can say I've been...and never go again :)

The Westminster Abby tour was amazing. Pictures were not allowed in the church, but I got a few pictures of the courtyard outside. If anyone is ever in London, I highly recommend this I got to see the place where Charles Darwin was buried!!! That's my nerd showing through though...

On Saturday morning me and a few friends ventured over to the British Library to get some schoolwork done. It was very beautiful, but apparently you need a special pass to even study in there, so we got zero work done after all. But a good attempt. 

These next set of pictures are from a night walk my friends and I did; London is it's most beautiful at night! 

Found a Harry Potter display!!! 

Late night snack :)

Gearing up for Christmas! On Tuesday we are going to a lighting ceremony on Oxford Street, really excited for Christmas in London. 


  1. It's great, Elena thanks. I love it here, there is so much to do and see all the time!