Tuesday, September 27, 2011

London at Last!!!

Hello everyone!
I finally got my internet working, caught up on sleep (after lasting 2 days without it!), and got a bit of free time on my hands. So I am now able to post some updates and pics from the trip so far. We are very busy with errands and orientation week, so we haven't done much of the tourist stuff yet but it is soon to come. I have formed friends with a great group of girls and things are running very smoothly, thank goodness! I have a very nice roommate and we get along great, and I am already loving London.

This is the "before" picture of me at my parents house the morning of my flight. And yes...that luggage was an extreme pain to carry around the VERY large London Heathrow airport!

This is NIDO's King Cross where I am rooming, it is just the front of the building but it's the only picture I have. The rooms are small, but will do fine. 

OMG!!! So I know this is nerdy, but we found the platform 9 3/4 and the King's Cross train station and couldn't pass up the opportunity! A true landmark for us Harry Potter fans :)

These are three great girls that I do all of my traveling with. The first one on the left is Becca, from Boise, Idaho, and middle one is Hillary from Napa Valley (who I also flew over with), and the girl on the right is Claire who is from Chicago. We are having a jolly time exploring London together. Hillary is great with the maps, tube stops, and directions, so we don't get as lost as we would if I was leading....

This is a picture of all of our first drinks in London. We went to a pub in Soho, a 15 minute bus ride from our housing, and stopped for fish and chips and a beer or cider. And yes mine is the smaller one...but I drank it all! The fish and chips were great though, a true English staple food. 

Tomorrow we begin our day with more orientation stuff, the school has two locations and the main section is only a 5 minute tube ride away. On Thursday we have a free bus and boat tour through our school and a party organized for all the international students. Friday is our first full day off, so we plan on doing some true tourist stuff...Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Top Shop. And we have all weekend too to explore more of the city. Should be a fun weekend. I will post more as soon as I have some photos and such. 

Fun fact: In London the pedestrians do NOT have the right away...and they are not afraid to honk as you :)


  1. Oh righty buddy! Glad to hear you're having a jolly good time. Have you pulled out your imitation British accent on anyone? Good to hear you have a person who can get you places and read the map and everything:)At some point, you need to see how many people you can fit in the red phone booth

  2. I haven't tried out my accent yet...but someone did ask me for directions today! I couldn't help them but at least I was mistaken for British :) I will get to work on the photo booth challenge....